The Essence of Clermont

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Clermont Culture
Entrepreneurship and the Art of Business
Clermont is a Business House which builds champion companies in culturally relevant sectors. Creating industry leaders requires a great vision, a team of passionate and gifted entrepreneurs and innovators, skilled business architects and engineers, and a business system.
Clermont Culture

The 'ground game' – being out in the field, shaping the impact our operating businesses have on culture and communities – is an extraordinary experience.

Karina Ng


Clermont Governance
Good governance is key to building generational companies. Clermont’s governance system is anchored in a set of principles, policies and processes that focuses on building a long term sustainable business. Governance is more than having independent directors, board committees or ESG checklists. Our philosophy starts with understanding the identity and core purpose of a company and then building an ideology, culture and organisation to sustain it.

Our core value in stewarding each business is building and guarding trust equity - with employees, customers, society and shareholders. We believe trust is the foundation of corporate sustainability. And trust is built through integrity, transparency and accountability.

Russell Low

Group President & COO

The Clermont Business System
Building industry leading companies is no easy task in a world where there is constant change in technology, competition and regulation. The Clermont Business System focuses on the elements that drive and sustain both near term performance and long-term resilience.

Clermont invests time to teach the disciplined, patient art of generational business-building. Being seconded to Seattle and having the autonomy – even as a Junior Associate – to apply what we learn in architecting industry leading businesses, was such a rewarding learning journey.

Xaviera Ho

Senior Associate

Reading the Times and Seasons
We have learned that businesses that survive and thrive across generations are guided by an ability to discern shifts in their industries – and to act on these. We are vigilant to keep our industry mix and investment portfolio relevant to culture.

The success of our story is determined by how well we recognise and adapt to the trends driving the rise and fall of companies, industries and nations – and our ability to execute according to the shifts we see.

Richard Watkins

UAE Country Head

Dare to Win
We are a mission-focused team with a passion for turning impossible challenges into epic stories.

In business and in markets there are few truly great opportunities. They usually come veiled in risk and uncertainty. Clermont’s story is one of boldness in these kairos moments and a belief that nothing is impossible when a committed team dares to try.

John Mescall

Managing Director

Rapid Incremental Innovation (“RII”)
Excellence is not a destination but a culture. We are never satisfied with where we are. Winning is about fractions. Details matter. Every day we are innovating to create and sustain our edge.

Clermont has no golden right to success or survival. In a marketplace that is constantly evolving, only the most innovative, disciplined businesses stay alive.

Lena Ng

Financial Controller

Principles Before Profits
Our reputation is the most valuable foundation of our long-term prosperity. We are keenly focused on building and guarding trust equity with all our stakeholders. We are committed to the responsible stewardship of resources, whether human, financial or environmental.

Moral capital underwrites our long-term sustainability. We make it a principle to choose the right over the convenient. Hard-earned trust is our most valuable asset.

Leroy Langeveld

Assistant General Counsel

The Goodness of Business in Action

SBFC: Building an SME Lender in India

What does the “Goodness of Business” mean in practice? John Mescall speaks of his experience working with the team in India to build SBFC Finance – from inception to scaled success, bringing prosperity to families throughout India.