Building a Better World
Our purpose goes beyond building wealth for ourselves. It is about using our skills and resources to build prosperity for all. Civilisation’s great leaps forward have been characterised by creative periods when new ideas in philosophy, science, art and commerce have come together to advance human development. The Greeks, Romans and Renaissance Florentines stand out as examples of these golden ages. The simple big idea that lights our path is that creative societies are prosperous societies.

We focus on three domains which, in our view, are key – government, marketplace and communities. Our organisations – the Clermont Group, the Chandler Institute of Governance and the Chandler Foundation – work across these spheres to build strong nations, vibrant marketplaces and prosperous communities.
Clermont Group

Prosperity is built on a partnership between government, business and community leaders. The common discipline which determines the quality of outcomes is governance. A nation’s economic strength and vitality is largely dependent on the quality of its corporate leaders and their stewardship of a nation’s resources. Hence, good corporate governance is synonymous with national prosperity.

In Goodness of Business, Richard Chandler writes about the principles of governance in building strong nations, vibrant economies and healthy communities.
Chandler Institute
of Governance
Based in Singapore, the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) builds government capacity through training programmes, advisory partnerships, and knowledge creation. We focus on enhancing public service leaders’ capabilities to take up the mantle of public leadership, succeed as policymakers, and serve their citizens better.

CIG produces the Chandler Good Government Index annually and Governance Matters magazine to assist government leaders and policy makers in the stewardship of their nations.
Chandler Foundation

The Chandler Foundation, based in the United States, partners with other social impact organisations to improve lives and change systems. The Foundation’s work sows into our dream — to see a world flourishing with everyone’s creativity.

The Foundation discerns opportunities and challenges of the near and distant future and forms collaborations to identify and implement solutions.